Almost Life-Sized

Practically the real thing!

BJD/MH/Others ♥


The Haunted Dollhouse~ 


(I want this so very much) 

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The playroom in the Fairfax house.

The twins, Ally and Ricky as young pre-teens and Ben as a toddler. They are all grown up now!


It’s a boat full of babies! Floating along in the Summer sun! 


Strings by Ylden

"The Madame comes to the Atelier bearing a gift with strings attached."

Sorry for the long post! ~_~

Gaaaah~! I’ve been dying to use that SD violin ever since HKDP9, but couldn’t—at least, not until it was properly introduced. Hurray for finally making this photostory! ♥

Remember how it was the Madame who enrolled little Frei to violin classes, and how she bought him a violin. Then remember how Ave sent Frei to the Atelier, and then stole the violin from House Zia. Now, the Madame once again bought a violin for Frei, challenging Ave to try and pull the same stunt seven years ago.

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