Almost Life-Sized

Practically the real thing!

BJD/MH/Others ♥


Come one, come all to the GREATEST show in the realm!

Nightingale’s Freak-show!

Tickets at the door, no small children allowed!

You’re in for laughs, cries, freaks of all sorts! Frightening performances filled with mystery and wonder!

The show’s about to start, so grab your popcorn, take your seats and try not to go MAD!*Welcome-to-Nightingale-s-Freak-show!*-Taboo-amp-Darcy-Migidoll-Ryu-Volks-Tae-boy&p=10718540#post10718540


For Oak and because it’s a bishounen MH boy! YAY!

I wholeheartedly endorse more bishounen MH boy mods!

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Min Ki & Mi Cha - Withdoll Taren & Cathy, owners: Yenna | Dimensions & mizya | Colourless

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